November 29, 2023
Authentic Accusation

Veneta sat there because she had been unable to move her legs — they felt numb as one under paralysis. She sat there trying to communicate with her husband; for many times, it looked like he evaded her eyes. The police was coming to pick her and it seemed her husband wasn’t going to do anything. She had to try…she kept trying until he finally looked her direction, she held his gaze trying to tell him she was innocent.

She couldn’t stop herself from crying because they had shared too much to question each other’s character. Regardless of his unfaithfulness, they made an amazing team; or so she thought. Because now, it seems the man staring into her eyes has on him goggles of doubt and disbelief. She mouthed, “Just tell me you know I didn’t do it….” Her eyes pleaded, her eyes knelt, her soul reached out…he was not there, he wasn’t connecting, he wasn’t feeling her …. then she knew….this was it! She was alone to face the world! How does she tell them she had prepared the meal and that the poison was hers but she didn’t kill him!

She had been a mother to that kid more than his biological mother. She loved Beran more than life itself! Right from the hospital where Beran was confirmed dead two weeks ago till the present day, Veneta had faced the rhythm of her ‘supposed’ action! She was accused of killing her stepson.

What she had always feared was what she was now facing. She knows she couldn’t do that and she could understand her husband’s mistress’ accusations but what she couldn’t understand was her husband’s accusations. She could not understand why he was the first to believe the accusation. As she pondered on everything, it even seemed to her that it was he who pointed the first accusing finger.

“Now, that’s it! It was he!” Immediately the doctor had brought the autopsy result, he had stood up and paced for at least a million doubles. He had looked at her and asked, “Who cooked Beran’s meal that day? Did you use that poison you had intended to kill yourself with, to kill my son instead?”

Shocked at the ridiculous suggestion of she being a murderer, she just stood with mouth agape. From somewhere at the background, she heard her husband’s mistress say, “I knew it!” She turned at once and asked the woman she had shared her husband with, “What did you know?! You knew I would kill your son yet you left him in my care all these years while you perambulated the whole world showing off what a beautiful carefree single woman you are?’

That hit so badly that everyone blamed Veneta for what she had said. Before she could take back her words, her husband asked if she had killed Beran to become a beautiful carefree woman. Veneta’s husband’s words struck her like lightening and drilled into her heart like a drilling machine; as tears flowed, her husband, told her to forget the crocodile tears. He told her she didn’t have to kill the child to teach he and Beran’s mom a lesson! It then dawned on her that he thought she had killed Beran just because she had caught him in bed with Beran’s mom three weeks ago! 

Immediately the police officers entered and moved to handcuff her, Veneta gathered herself and hit her numb legs to have it functioning so she could go with them. Just then, her phone beeped and the officers got it from her. After much fuss, they opened it and saw the video clip with the truth in it! Her husband was the murderer! Why?! He had just found out that Beran was another man’s son! As Veneta impulsively tried to jump to his defence, he made a shocking confession: the next was going to be Beran’s mom! She had played him for a fool and he was getting his pound of flesh!

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