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The team behind the TapSwap mini app, the viral Telegram-based tap-to-earn game has addressed rising concerns regarding the change in blockchain, paid boosting, team credibility, airdrop distribution, TapSwap token (TAPS) tokenomics and future expectations.

Emerging after the success of the pioneer tap-to-earn game Notcoin (NOT), the TapSwap mini app has recorded over 58 million total players and 18 million daily users across the globe with more than 271 trillion in total share balance. The massive adoption has raised speculations on whether TapSwap would make more crypto millionaires than its predecessor

Notably, the project was initially designed to operate as a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Solana blockchain. Likewise, the TapSwap airdrop campaign was earlier scheduled to end on May 30, 2023, alongside its token (TAPS) pool launch. 

However, the team opted to lengthen the airdrop duration and postpone the project launch until July 1, 2024, to enable them to take measures toward stopping and banning bots, ensuring fair allocation of the TAPS token. According to the team, they uncovered the presence of many bots that earned an unrealistic amount of Shares or in-game points. 

In addition to the sudden postponement, which was met with mixed reactions from community members, the team notified users of their decision to change the base blockchain for TapSwap. Shortly after, paid boosting was introduced to the TapSwap mini app further raising questions and increasing scepticism in the minds of users. 

To fully address these matters arising, TapSwap hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on X (Twitter) in collaboration with The Open Network (TON). 

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TapSwap’s change of blockchain

Despite Solana being the first choice blockchain for TapSwap, the team switched to launching the product on TON to enable them to realize TapSwap’s full potential. 

“We were initially inspired by Solana’s development and infrastructure, making it our first choice for TapSwap. However, as we developed the bot, the results exceeded our expectations, leading us to reconsider our blockchain choice,” the TapSwap team said. 

According to them, the “logical” switch was necessary because their tap-to-earn game or mini app is based on Telegram, making TON blockchain the better fit for the best user experience. “The TON Foundation’s responsiveness and meticulous support further confirmed this decision,”  the team added. 

Paid boosting

On the issue of the paid boosting option in the game, the Tapswap team said the move was necessitated because “developing and maintaining the infrastructure is costly.” According to them, the time-limited and optional paid feature was introduced to enable the team to execute additional stages of project development which requires developer work, token launch and ensuring liquidity. 

Noting that the game entry is still free of charge, the TapSwap team wrote: “These payments also indicate that our community believes in the project’s success, which significantly improves our negotiating position with potential partners and may play a vital role in the project’s future success.” 

Project founders and TAPS tokenomics 

Team credibility and good tokenomics remain the major factors for a successful crypto project and gaining community trust. Keeping their real identity concealed, it was indicated during the Saturday AMA on TON’s Spaces that the team behind TapSwap is a multinational group of 25+ specialists, with the majority of European descent. 

On TAPS tokenomics, the team assured community members that the documentation is “nearly complete” as there is still ongoing communication with multiple Tier 1 crypto exchanges and trading platforms. Notifying that changes have been made to the initial tokenomics, the team stated that “a significant portion of all tokens will definitely be allocated to the community.” 

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TapSwap airdrop distribution and future agendas 

With TapSwap’s tap-to-earn airdrop campaign set to end on July 1, 2024, the team has created a monitoring system to track user behaviour to identify players that deserve to be banned, ensuring fair token distribution. “Additionally, we are considering offering unscrupulous users the option to voluntarily surrender for a percentage of the drop,” the TapSwap team added. 

Beyond the viral Telegram-based tapping game which is similar to Hamster Kombat, MemeFi Coin, PixelTap by Pixelverse, BLUM, etc, TapSwap has revealed its future projects which include development in Artificial Intelligence (AI), SocialFi, and Quest Platforms and the launching of an interactive platform to grow the community and market. 

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