Cardano-Based World Mobile Launches First Commercial Telecoms Aerostat in Africa

World Mobile, the world’s first decentralized, blockchain-powered mobile network has expanded its telecoms solutions to Africa as the company pushes to enhance internet connectivity.

Per a Monday release, World Mobile successfully launched the first-ever commercial telecoms aerostat — a tethered balloon in the sky that provides network coverage —in Africa, precisely in Massingir, Mozambique.

The aerostat offering standard cellular connectivity across a radius of up to 130 kilometres would enable the Cardano-based mobile network operator to keep residents in the environs connected to the internet.

The Mozambique aerostat launch, which commenced several weeks of flight operations would also enable the renowned telecom company to gather data sets through the utilization of custom radio payloads. “We are excited to gather our data sets in preparation for the next phase of our deployment,” Gregory Gottlieb, Head of Aerial Platforms at World Mobile remarked.

Thus, the aerostat launch in rural Mozambique sets the foundation for the deployment of more decentralized commercial aerostats around the world according to the company.

Reacting to the groundbreaking development, World Mobile’s CEO Micky Watkins said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our first commercial aerostat in Mozambique, a landmark achievement for World Mobile, for Africa and the rest of the world.

“Our vision is to connect everyone, everywhere while advocating for economic freedom and dignity. With our aerostats, we can profitably bring internet access to millions of people who have been left behind by the digital divide,” Watkins added.

Gregory Gottlieb, head of Aerial Platforms at the company also expressed his excitement, submitting that World Mobile’s aerostats are designed to be scalable, reliable, and adaptable to different environments and use cases.

How World Mobile Aerostats Works?

Notably, the aerostat used by the Cardano-based mobile network operator are unpowered balloons that provide connectivity in a wide area. To enable extensive coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell towers, World Mobile’s aerostats are usually tethered to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection.

This allows for innovative connectivity options and the propagation of the so-called backhaul to AirNodes operators. AirNodes are devices that people can purchase or build themselves to offer voice, text and data services on the World Mobile network.

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