Key Moments From IBS 2024

Hosted by Moov Investment Limited and powered by global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, Ibom Blockchain Summit 2024 (IBS 2024) took place on March 6-7 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The epoch-making event recorded over 800 registered participants, making it one of the biggest blockchain summits in the South-South region of Nigeria. 

The 2-day conference had the theme “Harnessing the Blockchain in Optimizing the Economy,” emanating from the prevailing economic problems in several countries of the world. IBS 2024 was designed to enlighten attendees about blockchain technology, virtual currencies and the Web3 ecosystem as well as intimate them of the many opportunities in the developing crypto industry. 

To actualize this, several A-list speakers, web3 project founders and industry stakeholders lectured on different topics. Some of the key speakers included Obinna Iwuno (President, Stakeholders in Blockchain Association of Nigeria — SiBAN), Orok Godspower (Country Manager, CoinEx), Davizoe Effiong (Vice President, Education at SiBAN and CEO at BEI Consultancy Ltd & SmartBet), Godspower Effiong, Adebayo Adebajo (Founder, ICP.Hub Sahara), Tola Joseph (Founder, Crypto Masterclass) and many others.  

SiBAN President Obinna Iwuno at IBS 2024
Obinna Iwuno, SiBAN President

Key Lectures

Speaking on the topic “Blockchain: The Future of Secure Seamless Payment,” Effiong shared several points to explain how blockchain is fostering secure payment in today’s society.

First, he mentioned that blockchain enhances security and reduces fraud through the use of smart contracts. Second, the decentralized technology improves speed and efficiency as it relies on a peer-to-peer (p2p) network, eliminating delays associated with intermediaries. 

Godspower Effiong speaking at IBS 2024
Godspower Effiong

Third, he noted that blockchain helps to reduce costs and overhead compared to traditional systems. Effiong further stated that the emerging technology ensures trust and accountability given that blockchains are decentralized, transparent digital ledgers that provide records of transactions. Lastly, he mentioned that blockchain enhances asset tokenization and management. 

Likewise, Crypto Masterclass founder Tola Joseph discussed extensively on the topic: “The Emergence of Blockchain in Wealth Creation.” The crypto expert and author explored the different ways individuals can leverage the blockchain and crypto industry to create lasting wealth. 

Tola Joseph

Noting that there are numerous opportunities in the developing industry, including crypto trading, blockchain development, community management, smart contracts development, content creation, legal practices, etc, Joseph stressed that adequate knowledge is needed to thrive in any chosen niche. 

Davizoe Effiong at Ibom Blockchain Summit 2024
Davizoe Effiong

In the same vein, Davizoe Effiong shared insights on token deployment on the Solana network while Investor Nnkay communicated tips on maintaining proper mental health amid the numerous challenges associated with crypto investing.

Other Highpoints

IBS 2024 also featured fireside chats, panel sessions, crypto trading workshops and exhibitions. The enlightening and invigorating panel sessions were centred on Web3 jobs and decentralized finance (DeFi). The seasoned panelists took time to introduce DeFi to the attendees, sharing proven hacks for securing jobs in the Web3 space. 

CoinEx country manager at Ibom Blockchain Summit 2024
Orok Godspower, CoinEx Country Manager (M)

Another impactful session during the summit was the crypto trading workshops where different facilitators enlightened attendees about fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Other event highpoints included giveaways from various event partners, award presentations and crowdfunding, where N500,000 was raised for a young web3 enthusiast. 

Reacting to the epoch-making Ibom Blockchain Summit 2024, Moov Team COO Stella James said:  “This year’s summit was not just a testament to the growing interest and investment in blockchain technology but also a showcase of the incredible potential that lies within our community to drive Innovation and create a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient world. Each speaker who took the stage, every participant who shared their insight, and every sponsor and partners who extended their generous support, contributed to the rich tapestry of knowledge, experience, and inspiration that we had the privilege to witness over these past few days.”

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