A Guide To Participate in OverProtocol Open Beta Testnet 2

In preparation for the highly-anticipated mainnet launch of OverProtocol, the layer 1 blockchain project commenced its season 2 Open Beta Testnet (OBT) on March 13. 

Designed to last for a month and more, the Open Beta Testnet 2 is a call to the OverProtocol community to test every component of the project, including OverWallet and OverNode. 

The incentivized testnet aims to ensure all OverProtocol tools are user-friendly, stable and secure before the mainnet launch, making it a critical phase in the project’s journey. 

According to the team, “It incentivizes participation to ensure thorough vetting and is part of the Over Community Access Program (OCAP), featuring multiple seasons including the previously conducted Season 1 OBT.”

Season 1 OBT ended on March 11. This past phase allowed participants to earn airdrop points through quiz participation, referrals and other activities. 

How To Participate in OverProtocol Open Beta Testnet 2

OverProtocol’s season two OBT is particularly tailored to rigorously assess its staking feature, which allows users to contribute to the network’s consensus. Accordingly, OverProtocol OBT 2 participants can partake in the so-called Palm staking and/or Home staking

On the one hand, palm-staking is the term used to describe the locking up or staking of OVER on the OverWallet mobile application for rewards. On the other hand, home staking describes the staking of OVER tokens via the desktop application OverNode thereby, becoming a validator on the OverProtocol network. 

To engage in the OBT 2 Palm staking, simply download OverWallet from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and lock up any amount of testnet OVER tokens. Notably, OVER is the native token of OverProtocol. 

Users who participated in the project’s Season 1 Open Beta Testnet are eligible to claim a daily grant of 10 OVER on OverWallet in OBT 2. New OverWallet users can receive OVER from existing users to participate in the testing. 

Likewise, engaging in home-staking requires users to first install OverNode on their desktop and then link their OverWallet accounts for streamlined account management and transaction approvals. A minimum of 256 OVER is needed for home staking, which also enables one to become a validator on OverNode.  

Overall, palm staking and home staking enable participation in the OverProtocol network directly from mobile devices and personal computers, respectively. Both allow users to play crucial roles in the network by contributing to consensus or participating in block validation and proposal activities within the OverProtocol ecosystem. 

About Over Protocol

OverProtocol is a developing blockchain protocol with a vision “to create a global peer-to-peer network that welcomes contributions from individuals worldwide, enhancing its security and stability through collective collaboration.” Using an innovative node optimization technology dubbed Ethanos, Over Protocol is designed to allow anyone to become a validator on the network by operating full nodes using desktops. 

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