Top 5 content writing tips for beginners

In the growing digital world, where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dragons guard the gates to online success, a skilled writer armed with creativity and a keyboard can wield a powerful weapon — storytelling

Storytelling goes beyond just putting up scrambled words to make up a cock and bull story. It is a thoughtful process of imagination, blended with creativity in the selection and usage of words to paint vivid pictures that convey your idea without readers losing interest along the way.

Welcome to the enchanting world of content writing where words aren’t just words; they are spells that can captivate your audience like never before. Do you want to be armed like this skilled content writer? In this article, we discuss the top 5 tips for writing compelling content.

1. The Magic of Connection – Storytelling in Content Writing

In a world filled with information, why should anyone pay attention to your content? The answer lies in the art of storytelling! Think about this – would you rather peruse a boring manual on “Content Writing Tips” or immerse yourself in the epic tale of how a struggling writer battled writer’s block, outsmarted deadlines, and emerged victorious with result-driven content? Of course, I know what your answer would be, the latter would be your option! Stories create an emotional bond between you and your readers, thereby making your content irresistible.

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2. A Spoonful of Humour in Content Writing

Imagine you’re at a medieval banquet. The food is delicious, and the environment is delightful, but something is missing – laughter. A good story without humour is like a castle without a drawbridge; it lacks charm. Sprinkle some humour into your content, and watch as your readers not only learn but also enjoy the journey. Remember, even knights in shining armour have their quirks!

Humour most times evoke a sense of relief, especially from mental stress. Therefore, inserting a sense of humour within your content can help make your readers feel relaxed and comfortable in going through your content. Ensure that the humour you create is within the context of your story. This is to ensure that your readers do not veer off the journey you are leading them on.

3. The Hero’s Journey in Content Writing

Every great story has a hero. In content writing, that hero is your audience. Take them on a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and valuable lessons. Share personal anecdotes, real-life examples, and even the occasional mishap (we all have those). 

There is a level of trust, and emotional bond your readers or audience feel when they see themselves through your content. This happens when your content affects their pain point. Sharing relatable stories makes readers feel you are in their shoes and can understand what they feel. Let your readers be the heroes who emerged wiser and better informed after reading your content.

4. Cast a Spell with Words – SEO Content Writing

Words are your magic wand, choose them wisely. Paint vivid pictures with your description. Take your reader to far-off lands. Whether it is the Amazon rainforest or the depth of cyberspace. The more they can hear, see, and feel, the more enchanted they become.  Take into consideration that you are not writing for everyone in cyberspace. Your content might be to a specific set of people. However, your choice of words determines the level of visibility it will garner. 

5. The Call to Action (CTA) – Your Hero’s Ultimate Mission

Every hero in a story has a mission, and so should your content. What action do you want your readers to take after consuming your content? Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, subscribing to your channel, making a purchase, sharing or leaving a comment on your post, or following you up on social media, make your call to action clear and compelling. The Call to Action gives the reader a precise action to take at the end of consuming your content. 


In the grand tapestry of content writing, storytelling is the golden thread that weaves everything together. It turns the mundane into the extraordinary, transforms readers into loyal followers, and makes your content the stuff of legend. So, dear content writer, embrace the power of storytelling, add a spice of humour, and let your words work their magic.

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